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Just practicing my vector art skills!

Those poor Starks :(

So. Much. Teen. ANGST.

Inspiration from the ever fabulous alicexz

How did he find his way into my heart so fast?!?!

I should really see this movie…

I CAN”T STOP DRAWING PERCABETH. Someone help. At the same time though don’t because I love drawing them :D



Soooo I may have started to read the Percy Jackson books and am now completely obsesssssed with these two. I can’t help it!

Inspired by:


I’m clearly Who-Obsessed, if that’s a thing haha. Anyways I decided to draw the impossible girl Clara because she is a boss!

My inspiration for this piece was 100% inspired but the great alicexz, she’s kinda the shiz.

This is just a sum Batman that I drew for my brothers, he looks so pissed off and I love it!!

Go batty!

Basically just a face study, but I thought it turned out cool so I decided to post it :D